1. My Friend

Backstory: I got dumped by my live-in girlfriend. She left me for my best buddy, who definitely WAS more financially secure than me, at that time. Hell, he probably still is!! This song, and “Mountain” were both inspired by the same relationship, just from 2 different perspectives.


My Friend-© Jim Kenzie 1979
So, now you’re living with him.
Overtime I look I lose s friends.
I lose my girl to my pal in the end.
And our close residence don’t make it easy.
So, now you’re living with him.
I lose my baby doll, my Peggy Lynn.
I think I’m killing myself from within.
But that’d be in vain because then you’d never ever see me.
Who could tell you that you’re wrong, my dear?
Who else could put up with your childish fears?
I guess I gotta give credit where it’s due.
He can afford to show the good times to you, my friend.

You chose hime one me despite my apologies,
and the shelter I provided for thee.
You jumped at the chance for a change of pace.
Didn’t really know what to do.
(you) Bought me a ring before I got one for you.
You changed your mind in mid-stream, said, ‘We’re through.”
You had promised me that you’d never run in Donna’s race.
You agree what she had done was unfair to me.
Then, you danced in her footsteps. You followed her lead.
I had my sights set on Heaven’s pearly gates.
Then, Old Saint Pete slammed ‘em right in my face.
Some friend.
So, you told me, “Goodbye.”
Greener grass appeared on my buddy’s side.
But first impression, you will see they can die.
And that nice shade of grey, it may fade in your reign.
So, now you’re living with him.
I feel like a car that’s been traded in.
A newer model caught your eye, made you grin.
He made ride well, but he won’t handle the same.
Will you ever learn that money can buy a thrill,
but there’s a void in you heart that only I can fill?
A pocketbook love may be, Dear, good for a while.
When you see your mistake, I’m as near as the dial, my friend.
I lose a friend to a friend. I lose a friend to a friend.
I lose a friend in the end. I lose a friend in the end.
I lose a friend to a friend. I lose a friend to a friend.
So, tell me what kind of friend?