Backstory: I met a girl who actually WAS a reverend’s daughter.
Our fathers were friends. Her dad didn’t like her then-boyfriend, and mentioned he thought the Kenzie boy would be a better fit for his daughter.
And, even though it was a small town, I didn’t owe her then-boyfriend any allegiance, nor explanation. As fate would have it, she was using me to make her man jealous, with zero intent on us giving it a real go. Then, fate revisited the situation by having me meet a much better suited-for-me woman, nearly immediately.
As crushed as I was to learn the truth, and feeling like a total pawn….it WAS impetus to write this song when I met the better fit.
Grudge holding? Probably. Yet, after completing the wondrous, high-fidelity cassette demo (utter sarcasm), the grudge self-purged.
The writing, and hack job recording process, evidently shed the hard feelings I was harboring. I never learned what happened to Anne and Kenny, but I DID get the inspiration to compose a love song. Big surprise, huh?


Forget About The Love
You led me to water, but then you won’t let me drink.
You’re like a reverend’s daughter.
Twice you made me think.
Then, you said it wouldn’t work out,
‘cause in your mind there’s doubt.
Did you darling, forget about the love?

You led me to battle, but then you couldn’t make me fight.
‘Cause now I’m in the saddle, I’ll ride where I want tonight.
And so, you say you gotta be free. That’s alright with me.
And darlin’, forget about about the love.


Forget about the love.
Forget about the love.
Forget about the love.
Oh, it never was.

Now, I’m with my lover, the one whose right for me.
And I ain’t undercover. I’m so happy I’m free.
I found out it’s never too late.
She’s the one that set me straight.
And darlin’, forget about the love.

Forget about the love.
Forget about the love.
Forget about the love.
Oh, it never was.
I guess that’s just because…
It was a one-way love.
Now, I’ve got the woman I’ll always be thinking of.