1. Star

Backstory: My first, REAL flame was Donna. To this day, she’s a well-respected, solid member of my hometown community.
(I always knew that girl was going places!!!)
This romance had all the classic facets. Intellect. Humor. Communicativeness. Her slightly younger sister was the only other family member on my side.
The rest of them thought she deserved better.
I didn’t care what they thought. I KNEW what I felt.
So, we have a Hatfiieds and McCoys meet Romeo and Juliet scenario developing. Coincidently, her older brother attended the same University as me. (MSU, Baby!!)
He reported all my irresponsible activities, and their recognizable, burning smells emanating from my dorm room, to her parents. After months of her family pressuring her to dump this “destined for failure, loser musician-type,” the proverbial axe did, indeed, fall. The experience yielded my first rock tune, and was originally written as a ballad. When my bandmates heard it, they said we should speed it up, and make it more of a statement, as opposed to a lame, jilted lover, sappy tune. They were right. I had plenty of those tunes coming down the pike, in the following years. So, thanks Donna for being in my life, and especially for explaining all the relationship backstory, juicy details I was clueless on for 40 years, later at a community function we both attended. It sure closed a lot of previous unanswered questions I had about the whole situation. And, it made me feel better learning that I WAS a decent guy, after all. Who knew?


Here I sit with no place to go.
My spirit’s up, but my pocketbook’s low.
I’m trying hard to get you to come home with me.
Tired of work, I need a relief.
Ain’t got no money, but I’m ready to leave.
It’s tough to find someone to believe in me.

And there you are. You’re just like a star.
You’re much more than kind,
Are U ready to leave it behind?

To your mommy I may appear weird.
A little boy’s attempt at a beard.
I hope she learns I’m nothing to be feared, a meek man.
Your daddy seems to like me.
Or, so you say.
But does he really like me, or who I portray?
Give it time and maybe oneway he’ll understand.

That here you are. You’re just like a star.
You’re much more than kind,
Are U ready to leave it behind?


I see your photo most everyday.
I even asked you to runaway with me.
In a rustin’ Ford you could of stowed away with me.
A woman you are, although you’ve just turned.
The title fits. Lord, it’s been earned.
Now, it’s time for you to learn with me.

And there you are. You’re still like a star.
You’re no longer mine, but I’ll make it through the cryin’.