1. Remember

Backstory: This song was a realization that, upon graduating from high school, the odds were pretty good that I’d seldom, if ever, see some of my then-buddies, several of which have passed-on, since. I figured that I’d pay tribute to them, and our adventures together, while we were still chumming around, daily. Better early than never. Bob and Dewey, RIP my friends.


Started doing’ some heavy thinkin’
‘bout Scuz, and Jonesy, and our days of drinkin’.
Summer’s gone, but we won’t change for the world.
We’ve all gone our separate ways, all livin’ in this crazy maze.
Each unique, and we won’t change for the world.
They want us to be straight, but we’re curled.

Started schools as little lads.
Some of us we labeled bad,
just because we’d stand up for anyone.
I left too soon to know them all.
Wouldn’t see ‘em again til Freshmen fall.
Thrown in a place where I didn’t know anyone.
That ain’t my idea of fun.
No, no. That ain’t my idea of fun.


Scuz’s place is where we got our news.
Come on down, remove your shoes.
Relax, pass it on, have ten for the road.
Bob and Duey, Page and drive-in shows.
Our critique? Cheerleader movies blow.
Communicated through our own special mode,
where we didn’t have to follow any codes.

Carol, Dino, and Meester James…
Upfront girls target of our games.
Working’ night, we sure managed to have fun.
Maverick Ala, Flocks Mutha, Jeff…
All the gang down at The Chef.
Those days are gone, but the memories live on.
Sometimes wed stay till dawn.

Please remember these things I’ve said.
And, remember me when I’m dead.
Don’t hold your breath, ‘cause I’m only getting’ my start.
Whoa, whoa. (3’x)