Backstory: Playing regularly at a local venue that was directly next door to a Denny’s® restaurant, I made it a point to request a particular waitress, Mary. Every guy in their right mind flirted with her due to her personality, and disarming smile. She was a certifiable doll. After constant trying every angle I could to break through her fortress-like wall of resistance for over 6 months, I ad libbed a killer approach. And it worked!!!!
She gave me her number! On our very first date, she warned me that her ex-bf was a jealous, beefy, biker….he wasn’t thrilled she had finally dumped him, nor elated another guy was going to be her “first” since their split-up. I assured her that I wasn’t worried about him. (Total horse feces. He was HUGE!!) She then assumed to carry-out the terms of out highly-restricted date. Truth is, she wasn’t 100% over this guy, yet still willing to “limitedly explore” physical pleasure. After investing over a half of year just trying to get her number,
I wasn’t gonna abandon ship just because she wanted to take thing semi-slow.
She didn’t care that I was broke. She was happy to be laughing for a change, and not constantly fighting with good old what’s his name. We clicked in lotsa areas. Mutual gratifying….right up until she dumped me, claiming she was saving my life by her actions. I was only moderately bummed-out, having been thankful for the good times we DID have, as opposed to fretting over the loss. Some folks never experience what we did. We were lucky, albeit briefly.
Yes, I still recall her number.
No, I haven’t called since 1981.


.Look What I’ve Found
Look what I’ve found. I thought I’d never rebound.
Appeared to be down for good.
I’ve been swept off of the floor. I won’t go down there no more.
I feel like I never could.
Outa nowhere she came. We both had something the same.
Though, at first, it didn’t look so bright.
Then, I backed-off, and I found that she’d come around.
Name and number….And a kiss goodnight.

I found someone who would make me laugh.
So equal. There’s no better half. Not her, nor I.

I lay it all on the line. She plays off it just fine.
We talk about everything.
Try to change her? No way!
If I do, drag me away.
What she is, is what she is meant to be.
I’ll do for her all I can. She’s the star, I’m the fan.
A two-way thing, at last!
I no longer stand for green, a food and pleasure machine.
Ooo, what a change from my past.

The little things are what really count.
What’s in my heart, not my bank account she sees…
What’s me.

We both have been burned. If it’s one thing we’ve learned
you gotta remain who you are.
If you want it to truly be, then it’s got to be free.
Free from control, free from the pains in your heart.
Well, look what I’ve found.